Mold Release Film

RM Series

About the product

Resonac’s mold release films suppress the burring of epoxy molding compounds and provide excellent mold release during the transfer molding process. Resonac has marketed these films for more than 20 years and holds a large global market share. Our RM series is applicable to a wide range of PKGs, including QFN, FC-CSP (Flip Chip-CSP), and BGA.


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  • Capable of meeting customer needs by combining thickness and surface shapes.
  • AS (anti-static) grades can prevent static electricity from damaging devices.
  • High burr resistance for exposed molding parts, such as lead frame terminals and exposed die structures.
  • Prevents mold contamination caused by epoxy molding compounds.
  • Provides stable workability with film wrinkle control and excellent mold release from epoxy molding compounds.


Item Unit RM-4170 RM-4300 RM-4801AS-A
Features -

・Superior burr prevention
・Excellent mold release

・Superior burr prevention
・Excellent mold release
・Molding with matte finish

・Superior burr prevention
・Excellent mold release

Configuration (cross-section drawing) -
Film thickness um 63 48 41
Low surface efficiency Ω/sq ≧1014 ≧1014 ≦109
Product form - Roll Roll Roll
Molded product shape
- Flat Matte Flat

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