Resonac Group Hotline

We established Resonac Group Hotline in order to prevent or quickly correct violations of corporate ethics, laws, regulations or company rules.

1. What the Resonac Group Hotline receives

If there is any case of violation, or suspicion of violation, of laws, regulations, or Resonac Group’s Code of Conduct,(i.e., violation of compliance) by any persons or organizations of our group concerned with our business transactions, our stakeholders can report the case to Resonac Group Hotline. Please refrain from reporting cases that have nothing to do with violation of compliance or those including malicious slanders for illicit purposes.

2. How to report to the Resonac Group Hotline

Reports to the Resonac Group Hotline is made using the report form on this website.
In order to allow us to check the facts in more detail, we ask that you provide us with your name and e-mail address when you make your report.
However, anonymous reports are also acceptable.
Please note that in the case of anonymity, there is a possibility that we may not be able to respond adequately or protect the informant adequately.

3. How the Resonac Group Hotline responds to reports

The cases reported to the Resonac Group Hotline with the form on this website will be received by the secretariat of the Resonac Group Hotline. The company will inquire into the facts of reported cases, and scrutinize them. If those cases require any corrective action, we will swiftly take that action. The secretariat, however, will not necessarily report the results of the corrective action to the parties which reported the corresponding cases, except when the secretariat judges it is necessary to report the results to them. We appreciate your understanding on this matter in advance. We handle the contents of reports carefully, pay maximum attention to the protection of privacy of reporting parties, and will not disclose the existence or contents of reports to any other parties than those who are involved in the investigation of relevant cases. We will never do anything against interests of reporting parties for the reason that they reported the relevant cases. This policy, however, will not be applied when those parties report cases for illicit purposes, e.g., cases including intentionally falsified or fabricated information, or when the reporting parties are involved in violation of compliance.

4. Protection of personal information

For our privacy policy, please refer to the webpage of “Personal Information Privacy Policy” and “Handling of Personal Information on This Website.”