Message from CEO

Change society through the power of chemistry

Following integration of Showa Denko K.K. and Showa Denko Materials Co., Ltd., the newly integrated company “Resonac” was established effective on January 1, 2023. The launch of the new corporation means “the second inauguration” for the two companies. We will now make a big step forward, aiming to become a global top-level functional chemicals manufacturer that can compete on the world stage.

Our business model has changed substantially following the integration. The semiconductor business accounts for 30% of our total sales, making us a world-leading materials supplier in scale. At the same time, we have established an integrated system of production from designing of materials to assembly/blending into product.

Meanwhile, the global business environment has seen drastic changes, including accelerated digitalization, efforts toward carbon neutrality, and a sharp rise in energy prices. We have also experienced heightened geopolitical tensions and supply chain disruptions in recent years with trade frictions and conflict among nations as background. Furthermore, our lifestyle and way of working have changed considerably because of COVID-19.

Amid these changes in the world situation, chemical manufacturers now need to consider their impacts on the global environment and contribute to sustainable society, in addition to contributing to enrichment of people’s lives. Resonac has defined its Purpose as “Change society through the power of chemistry,” and set four Values for its employees, namely, “Passionate & Results-Driven,” “Agile & Flexible,” “Open Minds & Open Connections,” and “Solid Vision and Solid Integrity.” Our corporate philosophy is comprised of this Purpose and Values. We are working to solve social issues through business activities under the corporate philosophy.

The Resonac Group is continuing to reform its business portfolio based on its Long-term Vision upgraded in February 2022. According to this management strategy, we have classified our businesses into several categories, such as the Semiconductor and Electronic Materials business and the Mobility business (serving growth markets), the Chemicals business (providing stable earnings), and the Innovation Enabling Materials business (supporting technological development in respective businesses). We will work to achieve sustainable growth by ensuring that each business will appropriately play its role and meet its EBITDA goal.

For Resonac, sustainability forms the basis of its management strategy. We are proceeding with our business strategies by conducting sustainable business activities. To contribute to sustainable society by solving technical issues as a chemical manufacturer, in addition to our own efforts, we need collaboration and partnership with various stakeholders beyond the boundary of business types and industry segments. The Resonac Group aims at becoming a “Co-Creative Chemical Company,” striving to create new synergy through co-creative efforts inside and outside the company.

To carry out such transformation and business strategies, each employee is essential. We will develop a corporate culture that fosters autonomous and creative human resources as well as an organizational culture that helps each employee flourish as a professional.

The Resonac Group will create functions that meet the needs of the times as an advanced material partner and contribute to sustainable development of global society through co-creative efforts with all stakeholders, including employees, shareholders, customers, and local communities. We hope you will have high expectations of the Resonac Group, which has just made a new start.

January 2023
President and CEO
Hidehito Takahashi

Hidehito Takahashi