Amazing Discoveries! Science Experiments for Kids

We holds science experiment workshops, in which our employees volunteer as instructors, for children at kindergartens, nurseries, and elementary schools around our offices. We aim to offer children opportunities to have fun in science through demonstrating various experiments.

As an educational material for the "Science Workshops for Kids" program, which is part of our science education support for children at kindergartens and nurseries, we have produced and published the series of "Amazing Discoveries! Science Experiments for Kids," also making them available as PDF files.

Creation of the booklets was supervised by Kazuhiro Miyamoto, a Teacher at the Kaisei Junior & Senior High School, Tokyo. The booklets were produced to enable children to acquire the ability to discover wonders and solve problems through science experiments. Each booklet contains 11 kinds of fun experiments that can be enjoyed by children 5-6 years old.