Message from CTO

The Resonac group, is aiming to be a co-creative chemical company that contributes to the development of a sustainable society on a global scale with our purpose "Change Society through the Power of Chemistry", as an advanced materials partner that constantly responds to the needs of society through continuous innovation.

Based on our Vision of "Continuously creating the world's No. 1 technologies and products", we reexamined the technologies inherited from Showa Denko and Showa Denko Materials, and redefined them as "Chemistry to Synthesize”, “Chemistry to Formulate”, and “Chemistry to Think”, which are our new strengths (core competence). We promote R&D to meet the demand of social issues definitely in the shortest possible time, through creating synergies by resonating those “three chemistries”.

Therefore, we have set "three priority areas" in R&D as below.

  • We will invest based on R&D and intellectual property strategies that will lead to solutions to the challenges of a sustainable future society, with an emphasis on back casting from a vision of the desired future, and at the same time, forecasting from the feet up in current businesses, and with appropriate resource allocation. In particular, we will focus on investments in our core growth areas, as material development in the market of semiconductor, electronics.
  • Without disregarding the importance of hypothesis and verification, we will improve the efficiency of R&D activities by utilizing technical information accumulated to date and promoting the use of computational science, statistical analysis, and material informatics (MI), etc. Promoting internal and external data collaboration, and through the construction and operation of a robust digital infrastructure, we will also accelerate to solve social issues while being aware of the strategic use of intellectual property and the following manufacturing "monozukuri" processes.
  • In order to respond quickly to rapidly changing social issues, we will always be aware of the relative positioning of our technology and the issues (needs) of society and our customers, and actively pursue open innovation (OI) without being limited to in-house technological development. We also aim to be a co-creative chemical company that can solve both urgent issues (apparent needs) and medium- to long-term issues (latent needs).
    We have already opened and begun operating the combined facility that includes research facilities, "Stage for Co-Creation" named “Kyoso-no-Butai”, in Yokohama in 2022 as a base to realize collaboration and co-creation through OI. We will not only utilize this "Stage of Co-Creation" as a "space" for global technological co-creation, but also promote co-creation as a hub with the local community and neighboring companies.

In order to realize our vision, we set R&D activities, technological strategy formulation, and intellectual property activities as our essentials, and will work closely with each business unit. Also we will focus on developing Resonac R&D personnel to be matured with the growth of technology and to be active worldwide, aiming to become one of the global top-level functional chemical manufacturers.

Managing Corporate Officers
Chief Technical Officer (CTO) Masato Fukushima