Environment Related Technologies

Plastic Chemical Recycle

Plastic chemical recycle technology by pressurized 2-stage gasification Realizes plastic circular economy

Plastic Gasification Technology: plastic cracking by partial oxidization

  • Gasification of waste plastics from household and utilization for chemical feedstock( CO2, Ammonia).
  • Achieving eco-friendly recycling system by utilizing plastic itself, without additional fossil fuels during plant operation.
  • Realizing stable & efficient plant operation based on the experience of over 100 tons since 2003.


Obtain the target product with high yield and low energy consumption by high performance catalyst

Catalyst design: Catalyst development of environmental initiatives

Catalyst for Ethyl acetate

Using the supported heteropoly acid catalyst jointly developed with a university, we have produced ethyl acetate from ethylene and acetic acid in one stage.


Since few by-products are generated during this reaction, the production method is eco-friendly, resource saving and energy efficient.

Acetyl Catalyst Technology

We have technologies for catalyst design, catalyst analysis, catalyst performance evaluation, and plant operation for the following reaction processes:

  • Ethylene + Oxygen → Acetic acid*
  • Ethylene + Acetic acid → Ethyl acetate*
  • Ethylene + Acetic acid + Oxygen → Vinyl acetate
  • Propylene + Acetic acid + Oxygen → Allyl acetate
  • Allyl acetate + Hydrogen → N-Propyl acetate
  • * Received the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry prize of the Green & Sustainable Chemistry (GSC) Award (2007)

CO2 Capture and Utilization (CCU)

Capturing and utilizing CO2 for chemical precursor

CO2 capture and utilization technologies

The technologies for capturing CO2 from exhaust gas and utilizing it for chemicals production

Porous Coordination Polymer (PCP) Technology

PCPs, porous materials built from organic ligands and metal ions show attractive properties such as gas storage and selective gas adsorption. PCPs optimally designed are expected to be used for low-energy CO2 capture system from low-concentration of CO2 exhaust gas. We have been widely developing technologies of material syntheses, forming adsorbents and CO2 capture processes to put them into practical use.