UV-Curable Release Agent TA37 Series

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Our UV-curable release agent , TA series, is cured quickly under UV light after being applied to substrates, and creates the layers of release liners.

UV-Curable Release Agent TA Series

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  • TA series, which is UV-curable, is cured at lower temperatures from 70 to 100ºC than thermosetting resins. This feature will enlarge opportunities to adopt heat-sensitive substrates as well as enabling our customers to decrease consumption of energy usage.
  • TA series includes no environment pollutant such as formalin.
  • TA series is cured quickly so as to contribute to our customers ' increased productivity.

Product Line-up

1. Silicon-modified Type

Items Unit TA37-400B
UV curing
Heating residue % 45.7
Viscosity mPa・s 6
Colour number Gardner <4
Appearance (@25ºC) Slightly hazy
Solvent - MEK/Butyl acetate
Initial peel force N/25mm 0.07
Residual adhesion ratio % 97
Solvent resistance -
Items Unit TA37-401A TA37-401B TA37-401C TA305
UV curing UV curing UV curing Thermo setting
Heating residue % 50.2 50.3 30.6 50.5
Viscosity mPa・s 6 6 <6 63
Colour number Gardner <2 <2 <1 <1
Appearance (@25ºC) Yellow fluorescent Yellow fluorescent (※1) Yellow fluorescent (※1) Slightly hazy
Solvent - Toluen/ MEK Toluen/ MEK Toluen/ MEK Toluen/ Xylene/ Isobutanol/ Methanol
Initial peel force N/25mm 6.0 4.0 0.20 2.0
Residual adhesion ratio % 88 90 98 96
Solvent resistance -
  • Crystalises at low temperatures and elapsed time

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