Functional Films

Resonac provides adhesive films to protect the surface of devices.
Easily removed after use, these films are useful for masking devices being processed or as a scratch guard during transportation.

Product List of Functional Films

Resonac’s masking tape with excellent chemical resistance makes stripe plating easier, protecting areas not to be plated on various lead frame strips.​


Resonac’s adhesive protection D Series film used for the drawing process of stainless plates also provides greater convenience in deep drawing of sinks or bathtubs.​


Resonac’s adhesive surface protection film offers a wide range of uses, from colored steel sheets, metal plates such as stainless steel or aluminum, resin plates including acrylic and polycarbonate, to nameplates with printed plastic films. Marketed for over 50 years, Resonac’s protective film has earned a reputation for its high reliability in the industry.​


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