Surface Protection Film​

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Resonac’s adhesive surface protection film offers a wide range of uses, from colored steel sheets, metal plates such as stainless steel or aluminum, resin plates including acrylic and polycarbonate, to nameplates with printed plastic films. Marketed for over 50 years, Resonac’s protective film has earned a reputation for its high reliability in the industry.​


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  • Easy to apply to various adherends.​
  • Limited aging variation in its adhesion strength offers ease of removal.​
  • Leaves minimal adhesive residue after punching or cutting processes or after storage.​
  • Serves specific purposes by in-house manufacturing of two types of PP films with different thermal resistance and adhesive properties and varying adhesive strengths. ​


(Measurement examples)​

Representative product number​ Grade​ Standard adhesion Composition​ Dimensions​ Color
cN/25mm​ Adherend​ Base film Adhesive compound​

(Min-Max: mm)​

(Min-Max: m)​

Base film thickness (μm)

A-2400 A-2430 70 Aluminum Special PP Synthetic rubber 400-1250 200-1000 40
A-2440 110
A-2450 160
GS GS-1010 45 ​Aluminum Special PP Synthetic rubber 400-1250 200-1000 40
GS-1020 95
GS-1030 180
L-1200 L-1210 30 ​Aluminum Special PP Synthetic rubber 400-1250 200-1000 40
L-1220 70
L-1230 120
L-1250 340
L-1260 410
L-3300 L-3310 15 ​Aluminum Special PP Synthetic rubber 400-1500 200-1000 40
L-3320 30
L-3330 70
L-3340 120
L-3350 160
L-3360 250
L-3380 350
  • Standard adhesion indicates measured values at a peeling angle of 90 degrees, peeling speed of 200 mm/minute, and temperature of 23℃.
  • Please consult us about your size requirements (width, length).​


  • Surface protection film to be used during processing, transportation or storage.
    - Prevents quality deterioration of adherends by protecting from external damage during transportation or storage.
    - Protects adherends from external damage during cutting, bending or drawing processes.​

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