Adhesive Film for Stainless Steel Plate Drawing​

D Series

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Resonac’s adhesive protection D Series film used for the drawing process of stainless plates also provides greater convenience in deep drawing of sinks or bathtubs.​

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Film HITALEX

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  • Excellent workability helps neatly finish deep drawing of sinks or bathtubs without the film coming off during the process.​
  • Easy to remove without leaving adhesive residue, even after deep drawing.​
  • Leaves minimal fish eyes or contaminants, and avoids causing dents or other troubles during drawing. ​
  • Applicable to various stainless plates with an extensive product lineup of different adhesive strengths.​


Product number​

Grade​ Standard adhesion​ Composition​ Dimensions​ Color​
cN/25mm​ Adherend​ Base film​ Adhesive compound​ Width​
Base film​
Colorless​ Pale-blue​
D-5700 D-5740 100 Stainless Special PP​ Acrylic 400-1500 200-1000 40
D-5750 140
D-5755 180
D-5760 220
D-5765 280
D-5770 340
D-7700 D-7730 300 Stainless Special PP​ Acrylic 400-1500 200-1000 40
  • ※Standard adhesion indicates measured values at a peeling angle of 90 degrees, peeling speed of 200 mm/minute, and temperature of 23℃.​
  • ※Please consult us about your size requirements (width, length).

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