Plating Masking Tape​

K Series​

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Resonac’s masking tape with excellent chemical resistance makes stripe plating easier, protecting areas not to be plated on various lead frame strips.​

Masking Film for a Plating Process HITALEX

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  • Excels in chemical resistance; prevents plating solution seepage from the film’s ends and helps improve plating precision. ​
  • Used for non-heated applications with adequate adhesive strength at room temperature.​
  • Meets various purposes with a wide variation of base films (PET film, PP film) and adhesive strengths.​
  • By in-house tape slitting, possible to deliver a small shipment in a box.​


Representative part number​ Grade Standard adhesion​ Composition​ Dimensions​ Color
cN/25mm​ Adherend​ Base film​ Adhesive compound​ Width
Base film thickness
K-2100B K-2130B 70 Aluminum​ Special PP​ Acrylic​ 20-210 2000 50
K-2140B 110
K-2150B 160
K-2165B 300
K-3900B K-3930BLX 60 Aluminum​ PET Acrylic​ 20-210 3000 25
K-3940B 110
K-3950B 140
  • Standard adhesion indicates measured values at a peeling angle of 90 degrees, peeling speed of 200 mm/minute, and temperature of 23℃.​
  • Please consult us about your size requirements (width, length).​

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