Plan for R&D and Organization

Plan for R&D

Inspired by the vision: making full use of co-creative R&D to contribute to the production of world-leading products and technologies, Resonac is advancing R&D activities aimed at accomplishing three missions: broadening of technology portfolios to create innovation, promotion of cross-business technology development, and changing society thorough long-term R&D projects.

1.Broadening technology portfolios to create innovation

We promote the development of new products and businesses utilizing our core competencies.

Responding to customer needs, we create new values with combining materials technology cultivated in our innovative materials business with functional design, evaluation, and simulation technologies in downstream areas such as semiconductors, electronic materials, and mobility components business.

2.Promoting technology development across business units

We accelerate technology collaboration between businesses by utilizing the cross-functions of the Corporate R&D organization.

We create innovation through promoting deep cultivation of materials and horizontal deployment of technologies. Furthermore, we strengthen fundamental technologies such as computational science and informatics, material analysis and evaluation, and promote networking and open innovation through internal human resource exchanges beyond the boundaries of business domains and technical fields, as well as exchanges with people outside the company, to enhance our technological capabilities to realize innovation.

3.Changing society through long-term R&D projects

We work to solve long-term issues to realize a sustainable society.
We autonomously connect with various stakeholders, including customers and future generations, through empathy and resonance. We solve issues creatively through empathy and change society through the power of chemistry.
The "Stage for Co-Creation," launched in Yokohama, provides a place to interact for internal and external stakeholders and is utilized for the starting point to identify issues, developing technologies at the attached research facility, and providing solutions.

R&D Organization

Institute for Advanced Integrated Technology

The mission is to create new businesses, and research and development of materials including metal, inorganic and composite materials. It will cooperate with business divisions, develop technologies to enhance values of existing businesses and products, and cultivate their surrounding areas, which may grow further in the future. The institute has functions as a hub for evaluation technologies related to power modules and promotes the entire process from development of materials and composites to design and evaluation of devices.

Institute for Polymer Technology

The mission is research and development materials including organic and polymeric materials. It also has functions as an analysis center for composition, general structure, surface structure and microstructure of organic and inorganic materials. The institute accelerate the product development cycle of material development, analysis and evaluation.

Research Institute Strategy Department

The mission is to design and expand the research institutes’ technology development strategy, new business creation strategy, human resource management strategy, and co-creation strategy with the business units. The department also has the function of verifying customer needs to promote new business creation activities.

Research Center for Computational Science and Informatics

The main mission is to promote the company’s overall R&D with computational science and informatics. It solves problems of products through atomic and molecular level simulation / structural and fluid simulation / AI analysis technologies. The center accumulates, analyzes and utilizes internal and external technical data, establishes the base of data-driven R&D and develops the talent.

Stage for Co-creation

The mission is to promote long-term R&D projects that contribute to solve social issues in collaboration with a diverse range of people inside and outside Resonac. It induce and promote the creation and commercialization of innovations that realize a sustainable society, developing plastic recycling technologies and next-generation high-speed communication materials, accelerating R&D through utilizing technical data, and fostering an organizational culture of R&D for the future.

Intellectual Property Dep.

The mission is to oversee the intellectual property activities of the entire company and contribute to R&D, business, and management strategies. The four IP functions of planning and foundations, technologies and strategies, research and analysis, and contracts and relationship promote research and development and business activities.

R&D Planning Dep.

The mission is to ensure the smooth operation of company-wide research and development activities based on our diverse technologies and business domains. It is responsible for R&D management, formulating technology strategies, promoting open innovation, and establishing and operating various foundation and systems to support the execution of research and development activities.