Human Resource Strategies

Basic ideas and policies (Mission of creating value)

Based on the Purpose and Values that constitute its corporate philosophy, Resonac believes that its human resource strategies should focus on fostering co-creative people and cultivating the associated corporate culture. This approach will be crucial to proposing creative solutions to issues through co-creation founded on autonomous bonds with customers and other stakeholders, shaped by mutual understanding and a resonance of values. Such co-creative people and the culture are a source of our corporate value. Based on this recognition, we aim to develop an organization in which all employees can feel tangible growth through their career that suit them.

Policies and promotion system

We regard our corporate philosophy (Purpose and Values) as the most important guideline to be followed by the Resonac Group in terms of uniting Group employees all around the world in the pursuit of a single shared goal. In order to help individual employees to maintain a sense of their own purpose and aspirations as well as those of the Company—even in times plagued with uncertainty—the Culture Communication Department will endeavor to deepen employees’ understanding of the Purpose and Values and encourage them to make the corporate philosophy substantively their own while also working to establish a mechanism for the autonomous implementation of the philosophy. Meanwhile, acting in accordance with our corporate philosophy will require us to secure diverse people and aggregate the insights of these individuals into a greater business of collective knowledge. Based on this recognition, our diversity, equity and inclusion promotion team will join the Department to play a leading role in the development of our corporate culture. There is also a need for management to develop leaders from the perspective of group-wide optimization. To meet this requirement, we are building our HR team to clearly identify our future leadership and boost the competitiveness of our people through strategic job rotations. In addition, we are enhancing the functions of the human resources business partner (HRBP), who will work with the heads of the business divisions to enable both individuals and organizations to take on a range of challenges for further growth in their respective businesses.


Our human resources strategy, with an aim to sustainably enhance corporate value by carrying out our purpose and values, consists of four HR Materiality. These four issues are linked to our material sustainability issue of “fostering creative and autonomous human resources andcultivating the associated corporate culture” and our business strategy. Based on these four Material Issues for Human Resources that fosters co-creative human resources talent over the long term, and in the short to medium term, we will promote measures to enable co-creative talent to achieve business growth as a functional chemical manufacturer.

Human Resource Strategies


  • *1 In 2023, the development division of the Electronics Business Headquarters (semiconductor materials) as well as CTO and CDO organizations were selected as target organizations.
  • *2 Key positions refer to CXOs and leaders of organizations reporting directly to the head of the business.

Resonac’s human capital management model

We are fostering co-creative talent who will provide new functions aimed at our vision for 2030. Our human resources strategy is to create co-creative talent, and Resonac’s human capital management aligns our management and business strategy with our human resources strategy.