Employees’ Health

Basic ideas and policies

Resonac upholds “Change society through the power of chemistry” as its Purpose and aims to become a company that contributes to the sustainable development of the global society. To this end, the Company deems it important to help employees and their families maintain and promote their health by enhancing its health and productivity management.

Providing employees with a physically and psychologically safe environment that helps them perform at a higher level will in turn help the Company achieve sustainable growth. Based on this recognition, Resonac will foster measures for employees’ health as the foundation that underpins all its business activities, thereby maximizing its corporate value and making even more contributions to society.

[The Resonac Group’s declaration on health and productivity management]

Through health and productivity management, the Resonac Group will build an environment where everyone can demonstrate their abilities while remaining in good health, thereby promoting the sustainable growth of each individual and company and contributing to the creation of a prosperous future.

Health and productivity management strategy map

  • * Absenteeism: A condition in which an employee is absent from work due to a physical or mental illness (some type of health issue); a "visible loss”
  • * Presenteeism: A state in which employees are at work but their work efficiency and productivity are declining due to physical or mental illness (some type of health issue); "a loss that is difficult to visualize”

Promotion system

At Resonac, the health and productivity management group at the head office is in charge of promoting and supervising health and productivity management on a companywide basis. This group, in cooperation with health supporters (industrial doctors, nurses and administrative staff) working at each of the Company’s sites and affiliated companies, is striving to help employees maintain and promote their health.

In addition, the health and productivity management group works closely with the health insurance associations by holding regular meetings and jointly implementing measures.

When implementing the company-wide scale activities, we hear opinions of the labor union in advance and discuss, whether the measures are beneficial to employees from various perspectives.

Furthermore, important matters relating to health and productivity management policies and measures like health and productivity management strategy map are discussed at Management Committee meetings attended by CXOs and business unit heads.

Major activities

  • We are working to build an industrial health promotion system and develop necessary human resources in consideration of compliance and risk management issues. We have been continuously achieving a rate of 100% of employees undergoing regular health checkups. We also conduct an annual stress check of employees at our sites and affiliated companies, including those with 50 or fewer employees that are not obliged to carry it out.
    Moreover, in order to give support to our sites and affiliated companies where no industrial doctors or nurses are stationed, we are formulating an industrial health promotion system and rules to implement it while also promoting necessary human resource development under the leadership of the supervising industrial doctor.
  • We will introduce a cloud-based health management system to electronically manage health checkup results, stress check data, employment data, interview records, etc. By enabling centralized access to company-wide health information, the system can be used for planning health management measures, pursuing close collaboration among industrial health practitioners, and making efforts to improve workplace environments to support employee health.
  • We have established a system to help new employees maintain, improve and preserve their health, and we are implementing the following initiatives in cooperation with relevant organizations.
    • Conducting pulse surveys to check on workplace environments and health conditions
    • Publicizing consultation services
    • Providing knowledge on self-care through education and training
  • We recommend that employees posted overseas, business travelers and their family members receive the necessary vaccinations for their destinations before traveling there, and our occupational health staff provides advice on preventing malaria and other infections to those posted to Vietnam and other East Asian countries. We have also established a system to facilitate regular health checkups at local hospitals and hospitals in Japan even for people posted overseas.
  • Company-wide seminars are being held to address employee health issues, such as women's health, exercise and smoking cessation. We will continue expanding opportunities to provide information that will enable employees to play active roles in good health.

We have continued since 2017 to receive "Excellent Health Management Corporation" certification as a corporation practicing excellent health management

Indicators for employees’ health (as of the end of 2022, Resonac (non-consolidated) )

Resonac was launched in 2023, target values are currently under review.

  • Percentage of employees undergoing regular health checkups: 100%
  • Proportion of employees diagnosed as having a healthy BMI (between 18.5 and less than 25): 61.5%
  • Percentage of employees undergoing the stress check: 93.3%
  • Percentage of smokers: 31.6%*
  • Percentage of those who get enough rest through sleep: 62.6%*
  • Percentage of those who are regular exercisers: 28.5%*
  • * Based on questionnaires for periodical health check-up (Over 40 years old only)

Other indicators of health management (June 2023 Survey results)

  • Average annual loss per person due to presenteeism: ¥722.6 thousand *1
  • Average score for work engagement: 2.93 *2
  • *1 Calculated by the Quantity and Quality (QQ) method.
  • *2 Utrecht Work Engagement Scale.

Measures against COVID-19

Our company’s task force has been aggregating information on COVID-19 infections from within Japan and from overseas, regularly alerting employees, and instructing them on measures to prevent infections. We have encouraged employees to telecommute and to use hand sanitizers, carbon dioxide monitors, and other hygiene management equipment when they do come to work, as well as to adopt staggered or flexible work hours to avoid congestion when commuting to work

In addition, we cooperated with the government’s infection prevention measures in 2021 and 2022 by providing workplace COVID-19 vaccinations at our Oita, Kawasaki, and head office locations as part of our community support.

We will continue taking necessary actions while closely monitoring requests and status reports from governments and specialized agencies, and actively contribute to resolving global health issues as we strive to ensure the safety and health of our employees, the employees of partner companies, and their families.

About asbestos

At present, we do not manufacture or sell products in which asbestos is used. For employees who have worked with asbestos at any time in the past, we provide them with regular health checkups and make appropriate responses in line with the related laws and regulations. We also respond to related inquiries made by former employees who are now retired.