Development of Human Resources

Basic ideas and policies (Mission of creating value)

Based on the Purpose and Values that constitute its corporate philosophy, Resonac believes that its human resource strategies should focus on fostering co-creative human resources and cultivating the associated corporate culture. This approach will be crucial to proposing creative solutions to issues through co-creation founded on autonomous bonds with customers and other stakeholders, shaped by mutual understanding and a resonance of values. Such human resources are a wellspring of value for the Company. Based on this recognition, we aim to develop an organization in which all employees can feel tangible growth through the career paths that suit them.

Roles played by Resonac’s personnel, leaders and human resource (HR) and other organizations

Role of Resonac’s personnel

  • Develop their own careers with strong ownership, believe in their own talents and potential and hone themselves to demonstrate their abilities for the benefit of society and to return value to shareholders.
  • Engage in sincere dialogue with people inside and outside the Company to rediscover their own values and strengths. Keep themselves up to date through dialogue with diverse people and collaboration aimed at solving issues as well as through the provision of professional value, aiming to achieve “co-creative growth” together with those around them.

Role of Resonac’s leaders

  • Assist subordinates who are taking ownership of their careers with further career development and capacity building based on an understanding of their diverse values, strengths, potential and life- and career-related goals.
  • Build psychological safety in the team and encourage subordinates to generate ideas and embrace challenges in their jobs.
  • Regard individual failures as opportunities for the entire team to learn and individual successes as opportunities to praise the entire team, and take actions accordingly.

Role of Resonac’s HR and other organizations

  • Help personnel who are taking ownership of their careers and are committed to providing society with value with professional development assistance to build up their capacities.
  • Based on an understanding of the diversity of the life- and career-related goals employees have, provide them with appropriate opportunities to learn and grow.

Talent management

For the earlier identification and development of leaders who can embody the Purpose and Values at a high level, we are focusing on talent management.

In 2022, as part of our talent management, we selected and clearly identified candidates to take over major positions in each of the divisions and created a development plan for each one. We also launched a companywide talent review meeting to give the management team an opportunity to openly talk about organizational issues as well as about succession candidates and the next generation of leaders from the perspective of companywide optimization and to hold discussions on the succession plans and human resource development policies formulated by each division. Moreover, we have started to rebuild a talent pool of candidates to serve as the next generation of leaders, which will be managed by the entire Resonac Group.

Furthermore, in and after 2023, we will introduce a human resource management system (SAP Success Factors) to all Group companies including those outside Japan, thereby speeding up our talent management measures on a global scale.

Provision of Growth Opportunities

For the development of co-creative personnel who can embody the Purpose and Values, we are designing human resource development measures by attributing importance to the following: helping employees make the Purpose and Values their own from the perspective of their respective careers; providing employees with learning opportunities to meet their diverse needs for career development and capacity building; and offering opportunities for employees to learn about each other’s fields of specialization and make effective use of one another’s expertise.

Examples of career development and capacity building opportunities

  • Provision of career training that is tailored to the life and career stage of each individual
  • E-learning service that provides more than 1,000 courses, from which employees can select those that meet their capacity building needs for reskilling and future career development
  • Overseas trainee system under which young employees in their fourth or more year at their company are provided with opportunities to work outside Japan
  • Early selective training program that provides young talent with three optional learning courses on interpersonal influence, business planning and global leadership
  • Co-creative leadership training program in which managers acquire basic knowledge and skills to improve their ability to communicate with their subordinates
  • Co-creative collaboration ability enhancement training in which participants learn about unconscious biases, psychological safety, facilitation and other topics useful for co-creation

Development of the next generation of management and business leaders

We will build a talent management system for the entire Resonac Group, including affiliated companies outside Japan. Under the system we will provide Group personnel who are aligned with our Purpose and Values and demonstrate high performance and potential with more promotion and growth opportunities, regardless of their nationality, gender, age or which Group company they work for.
To provide next-generation leaders with appropriate opportunities for developing their skills, we assess their leadership characteristics and management literacy and provide feedback. The next-generation leaders will then work with their supervisors to develop individualized skill development plans based on their strengths and characteristics.
To accelerate growth in line with individual skill development plans, we offer a catalog of short-term leadership programs, MBAs, MOTs, etc., and support the acquisition of growth opportunities that meet the development needs of each individual.