Technical Report (former Hitachi Chemical)

  • * Information in the technical reports is current on the date of issue and is subject to change without notice.

No.62/March 2020

  • Hitachi Chemical Products Contributing to Mobility Business
  • Automobile Related Products for Environmental Conservation and Energy Saving
  • Primer-less Adhesive for Plastic back door Assembly
  • Development of Low Dielectric Constant Polyamide-imide Varnish with High Breakdown Voltage
  • Copper-Free Brake Pads with Stable Friction Coefficient
  • Reactor Cores and 3D-shaped Motor Cores Manufactured by Powder Metallurgy
  • Analysis of Water Consumption Mechanism of Lead Acid Batteries under Idling Stop System Operational Conditions
  • Isotropic Conductive Film “IC-01A” for Low Temperature Connection and High Dimensional Stability
  • New Low Transmission Loss & Halogen-Free Multi-Layer Material “MCL-LW-990G”
  • Low-Melting Vanadate Glass Vaneetect Series VS-1298M
  • High Toughness Liquid Crystalline Epoxy Resin
  • Study on the Conformability Expression Mechanism of Our Easy Peel-Off Films Using Relaxation Times Measurement and Molecular Dynamics Simulation

No.61/March 2019

  • Initiative for a Total Solution that Realizes the Customer's Idea and Contributes to the Development of Society
  • Action for a Total Solution that Reinforces the Packaging Materials Business
  • High Productivity Technology for Semiconductor Process
  • High Productive 3D Stacking Process NCF, “AK-400 series”
  • Granule-Type Encapsulating Compound for Compression Molding
  • Photosensitive Insulation Film, “PV series”
  • Dry Film Resists for Fine Line and Space Patterning, “RY-5100UT series”
  • Halogen-Free Multilayer Material with Ultra-Low CTE and Low Elastic Modulus, “GEA-775G”
  • Copper-Clad Stretchable and Flexible Film
  • Sintered, Highly Wear-Resistant Material for Turbochargers
  • Resin-Encased, Metallized, Humidity-Resistant Film Capacitor, “MKCP4T”
  • Non-fluid Latent Thermal Storage Material

No.60/March 2018

  • Global Expansion of Energy Business -Understanding the True Needs of Business Partners-
  • New Product Development to Support Global Growth of Energy Storage Business
  • Demonstration of a Renewable Energy Self-Consumption System for an Apartment in Germany
  • Next Generation Wireless Battery Monitoring System (Gen.2)
  • New Technology for Industrial Lead Acid Battery
  • Development of Automotive Lead Acid Battery for Global Expansion
  • Ultra-Low Loss Build-up Film for Fine Pitch Applications, “AS-500HS”
  • New Evaluation Technology of EMC to Improve Electrical Reliability of High-Voltage Package
  • Thermal Conductive Sheet Containing Vertically Oriented Graphite Fillers “TC-BWP01” for FCBGA TIM1 Applications
  • Net Shape Reactor Core Using Newly Developed Insulating-Lubricant
  • Transient Liquid Phase Sintering Paste
  • Sintering Cu Bonding Paste that can be Sintered without Pressure

No.59/March 2017

  • Approaches of Open Innovation to Develop Novel Products and Businesses for Global Market Growth
  • Open Innovative Activity of Total Solution for Semiconductor Packaging
  • Low-Temperature Curable Positive-Tone Photosensitive Dielectric Materials
  • Particle-Aligned Anisotropic Conductive Film (PAL-ACF) for Fine Pitch Interconnection
  • Low Transmission Loss/Low CTE Multilayer Material, “MCL-HS100”
  • Reliability Improvement Technologies for Epoxy Molding Compounds on Lead Frame Package
  • Insulating Varnish of Motor for Hybrid Vehicle and Electric Vehicle
  • Porous Aluminum for Heat Exchanger
  • Hot-melt Adhesive for Automotive Interior
  • Copper Free Brake Pads with Stable Friction Coefficient
  • Demonstration Project of Power System Stabilization with the Hybrid Battery Energy Storage System
  • New Development of High Heat Resistance and Low Dielectric Thermosetting Resin, “S. F. Resin”
  • Shock Absorbing Material
  • Exosomal mRNA Analysis kit from plasma and urine, “ExoComplete”
  • High-density Sintered Sprocket for Silent Chain Made by Die Wall Lubrication Compacting with Liquid Coating

No.58/March 2016

  • Automotive Components Business of Hitachi Chemical Contributing to Environmental Conservation and Energy Saving
  • Automobile Parts for the Environment
  • Low Elastic Prepreg for Automotive Application “TD-002”, to Inhibit Solder Crack
  • Advanced Analysis of Lead-Acid Batteries
  • New Low Transmission Loss Material for Millimeter-wave Rader Module “AS-400HS”
  • Highly Thermal Conductive Mica Insulating Tape for Large-Capacity Generator
  • Advanced Thermal Insulator Using Inorganic-Organic Hybrid Porous Materials
  • Halogen Free and Low Transmission Loss Multilayer Material for Next Generation High Speed Applications: “MCL-LW-900G/910G”
  • Reactive Hot Melt Adhesive for Fine Dispensing
  • Advanced Analysis of Yellowing Transparent Film
  • Cu Paste for Low Temperature Metalization Process

No.57/March 2015

  • Electrical Energy Storage Business of Hitachi Chemical Contributing to the Secure Social System and Environmental Conservation
  • Electrical Energy Storage Devices & Systems
  • Lithium-ion Battery System for Smart Grid
  • Flooded Type ISS Battery with Improved High Durability and High Charge Acceptance
  • Large Format Hybrid Energy Storage System for Power Leveling
  • Advanced analysis of LIB and Related Materials
  • Reusable Thermal Conductive Sheet Containing Vertically Oriented Graphite Fillers “TC-S01A”
  • Wavelength Conversion Particle
  • Concept & Situation of Open Laboratory
  • Low Dielectric Constant Multilayer Material for Mobile “MCL-E-78G”
  • New High Heat Resistant White Molding Compound for LED
  • Development of Heat-resisted Polymer for Magnetic Powder Coating
  • Silk Fibroin Sponge Sheet for Skin Care

No.56/March 2014

  • Implementation of material business to materialize infinite possibilities and contribute to society
  • CFRP Recycling Technology Using Depolymerization under Ordinary Pressure
  • Photosensitive Film for HDI Optimized for DI
  • New Material for Fine Patterning Package Substrates by Semi-additive Process "PF-EL"
  • Next Generation Molding Compound GE-110 Series for BGA
  • Doping Paste for Photovoltaic Solar Cell
  • Tear Total IgE Detection Kit

No.55/May 2013

  • Challenge to Create New Value Based on Uninterrupted Research and Development
  • Lithium Ion Battery
  • Energy Storage Devices and Systems
  • Functional Materials for the Smart Community
  • Semiconductor Wafer Process Materials
  • Film Technologies for Semiconductor & Electronic Components
  • Technology Trends and Future History of Semiconductor Packaging Substrate Material
  • Printed Wiring Board Supporting Cloud Computing
  • Nanomaterials
  • Resin Technology
  • Development Trend of Inorganic Materials and Our Developments
  • Automotive Parts for “Environment, Safety and Comfort Performance”
  • Trends in Environmental and Energy-saving Technology for Automobiles and Corresponding Developments in Powder Metallurgy
  • The Business Trend of In-Vitro Diagnostics: MAST CLA and Seratestam

No.54/March 2012

  • Hitachi Chemical’s R&D Strategy
    –Contributing to Society by Developing Superior Technologies and Products to Pioneer a New Era–
  • Thermal Management Materials
  • Recent Technology of Powder Metallurgy and Applications
  • Thermally Conductive Metal Substrate
  • Thermally Conductive Flexible Substrate with Heat-resistant Adhesive Layer
  • Helical-groove Bearing with Long Life for Fan Motors
  • Sintered Heat Resistant Material for Turbochargers
  • Photosensitive Solder Resist Film for Semiconductor Package “FZ Series”
  • Reliability of Cu Wire Packages and Molding Compounds
  • Techniques for Analyzing Underfill Materials for Semiconductor Packages
  • Halogen Free, High Elasticity and Low CTE Multilayer Material「MCL-E-700G(R)」
  • Anti-Fingerprint UV Curable Hard Coatings
  • Application of Layer-by-layer Assembled Nanoparticles to Anti-reflection Film