Mold Die Cleaning Sheet

N-CS Series

About the product

Resonac’s Cleaning Sheet for encapsulation molding dies of semiconductor packages.
By placing the sheet between dies and heating it, stains are transferred to the sheet and removed.

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How to Use

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(1) Set the cleaning sheet on the die.

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(2) Close the die and cure the sheet by heating.

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(3) Open the die and remove the sheet.


  • Remove stains with fewer shots than melamine cleaning materials, thereby reducing the cleaning time.
  • Remove stains in cavities, burrs on dies, and gas stains in air vents.
  • Environment-friendly cleaning agent prevents damage and corrosion of molding dies.


Item Cleaning sheet Conditioning sheet
N-CS-7500 N-CS-3700
Major application Semiconductor packages’ molding dies
Features Good cleaning performance 
The cleaning agent dissolves the stain on the mold die
Good releasability 
Apply releasing agent on the mold die after cleaning process
Number of shots 2~3 1~2
Curing time 185℃ 3 min 3 min
175℃ 5 min 5 min

Cleaning Performance

Graph of Cleaning Performance
  • Comparison data after 300 continuous molding shots with Resonac’s Epoxy molding compound (green compound).

High filling type W Series

With its original form and structure, W series completely fills cavity of mold die without air

  • W series is suitable for molding die with small cavity for small-sized semiconductor, diodes and mini transistor.
  • W seires is designed in a way that cavity is not blocked when the sheet is set on the mold die at any position.
  • With W series, the air inside cavity can completely escape to outside and can remove off stains from the entire cavity.
Image of N-CS W type -High filling performance for small-sized cavity-

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