Cleaning sheets for rubber molding that remove stains

Applicable Business AreasRubber molding manufacturers

Target ApplicationsCleaning of molds

Complete removal of rubber residue and gas stains that stick to a mold is required in order to maintain the quality of molded rubber products. However, cleaning molds with a solvent, blasting material, or brush has problems: it cannot remove stains sufficiently and it requires additional processes and time other than cleaning, such as cooling and disassembling molds.
The Mold Cleaning Sheets in the that we developed can clean molds by simply sandwiching them between molds and heating them. They not only shorten the cleaning time but also boost productivity and ensure quality.

Innovative Solution

Save time and ensure safety! You can clean molds without removing them from a molding machine.

The conventional mold cleaning method includes numerous processes other than cleaning, such as cooling and removing a mold before cleaning, and attaching and warming a mold after cleaning, which are labor- and time-consuming.
Our Mold Cleaning Sheets in the are cleaning materials composed of thermosetting synthetic rubber. The cleaning agent contained in the sheets permeates and dissolves stains, and the adhesive force of the synthetic rubber removes the stain components. Our cleaning sheets do not require the disassembly of a mold for cleaning. Moreover, rubber residue and gas stains sticking to the mold can be removed in the same process as in the molding process: they are sandwiched between the molds equipped to the molding machine and heated.

Cleaning Mechanism of Mold Cleaning Sheets

Cleaning Mechanism of Mold Cleaning Sheets

Product Features

Realize rapid mold cleaning

You can clean even a heavy mold without detaching and attaching molds, which improves work safety and significantly reduce the number of cleaning processes.

Example of how our cleaning sheets reduce the required time in a mold cleaning process

Improve safety in mold cleaning processes

The blast cleaning method, where stains sticking to the surface of molds are removed by colliding blast materials (granular materials) to them, has problems: it may deteriorate the quality of molded products, such as making scratches on the mold surface due to the blast materials and scattering blast material. Our Mold Cleaning Sheets remove stains by adhering them to the surface of the sheets, which prevents mold deterioration caused by cleaning.

Terms of use (recommended)

Molding method: compression molding/transfer molding
Mold: vertical type
Mold application temperature: 140 to 190℃
Target: rubber

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