RM-4000 Series

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RM-4100 reduces the flash burr in molding QFN etc. package.

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  • Flat molding surface can be given, because of reducing the wrinkle in loading the sheet and in clamping the mold.
  • The surface layer of special material sticks to the substrates and the terminals, etc.
  • Therefore the sheet protects the invasion of the epoxy molding compounds, the flash is prevented.

Molding experiment example


Item Unit RM-4100 RM-4200
Thickness of sheet mm 0.04 0.05
Tensile strength MPa 40 40
Tensile elongation % 50 50
Standard dimension
mm 50~300×1000 50~300×2000
Product Role(dia.:approx.12cm)
Surface of film Flat Mat

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