Solder Resist for Display Circuits

SN Series

About the product

Resonac’s solder resist materials protect and insulate the circuit surface of flexible substrates with fine-pitch wiring.

Solder Resist SN

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  • Superior insulation reliability for narrow pitches and folding.
  • Durability against glass cleaners and salt water, with insulation reliability sustained when displays are in use.
  • Suppresses the rise in heat generation and power consumption with low leakage current.
  • Environmentally friendly design without fluorine compounds.
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Product composition

Product name Main component
Main agent SN-9000FA
Modified polyimide resin
Curing agent SN-9000FB
Epoxy resin


(Measurement examples)

Item SN-9000F
Testing conditions
Insulation reliability test HHBT Pass Pass 85℃/85%RH/1000 h, L/S=10/10 μm, DC60 V
HAST Pass Pass 130℃/85%RH/100 h, L/S=10/10 μm, DC60 V
Elastic modulus 477 MPa 1204 MPa Tensile test device, 5 mm/min
Bendability 84 times 128 times Bending angle: ±90°, R:0.5 mm,
Load: 100 g, L/S=12.5/12.5 μm
Volume resistivity ≧1015 Ω・cm ≧1015 Ω・cm 25℃, 500 V, 1 min, Film thickness: 100 μm
Dielectric breakdown strength 13 KV/0.1 mm 12 KV/0.1 mm 25℃, in insulating oil
Soldering heat resistance Pass Pass 260℃, 10 sec, immersed twice

Resistance to glass cleaners and salt water

Resonac’s SN-10000 provides superior insulation reliability, and is resistant to various environmental factors, including cleaning agents and salt water.

Testing method

Evaluation conditions: 23℃/60% RH/DC80 V, L/S = 10/10 μm

Glass cleaner resistance


Salt water resistance


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