Moisture-Proof Insulating Materials for Display Circuits

TUFFY Series

About the product

Resonac’s silicone-free insulation coating materials protect the connections of display peripheral circuits and prevent electrode corrosion caused by moisture absorption, thereby contributing to higher device reliability.


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  • Protects circuits from moisture with low moisture permeability.
  • Low ionic impurities and high insulation reliability.
  • Inhibits electrode corrosion even under high-temperature, high-humidity conditions.
  • Excellent workability with short curing time and repairability.
  • Selectable solvent volatilizing and UV curing types based on applications and curing processes.


(Measurement examples)

Item Unit TF-4200EB-75 TF-3348-100B
Curing - Solvent volatilizing type UV curing type
Viscosity (25℃) Pa・s 0.4 1.7
Drying or curing conditions* -

Dry-to-touch time:
5 min at room temperature
Drying condition:
24 h at room temperature

UV-LED (365 nm):
300~350 mJ/cm2
Coating thickness μm 50~200 300
Viscoelasticity (25℃) MPa 20 26
Permeability (40℃/90% RH, 24 h) g/m2 75 30
Ionic impurity Cl- ppm 1.2 6.0
Na+ ppm 2.1 < 0.5

*Curing conditions are recommended examples. Please check the coating conditions, curing devices, and environment. 

Application image

Migration resistance

Resonac’s materials provide superior moisture-proof properties with no electrode corrosion detected even after 300 hours of exposure to high temperature and humidity.

Testing conditions

  • ITO electrode (line/space = 35 μm/15 μm) 
  • Coating thickness: 100 μm
  • High-temperature, high-humidity conditions: 60℃ /90% RH, DC10 V applied

Observation of electrode corrosion in ITO electrode comb patterns

Item TF-4200EB-452 Conventional product

Electrode condition
(after 300 h)

No corrosion


Changes in insulation resistance

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