ACF (Anisotropic Conductive Film) for Solderless Connections

MF Series

About the product

Resonac’s ACF for solderless connections connects components with fine-pitch circuits, such as image sensors, to substrates with low-temperature thermo-compression bonding instead of solder.


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  • Packaging with only pasting and thermo-compression bonding and a significantly lower number of processes than the standard solder plating method for fine-pitch circuit connections.
  • Capable of packaging heat-sensitive components with low-temperature, short-time connections (100-240℃, 4-60 sec) as well as connecting at narrow pitches.
  • Thickness less than soldering contributes to thinning devices.
  • Achieves superior connection reliability with high adhesive strength and low connection resistance.


Item Unit MF-500 series
Application Solderless connection film
Fine pitch capability Minimum contact area μm2 30,000
Minimum space μm 100
Temperature ºC 120~
Time sec 10~
Pressure MPa 1~

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