ACF (Anisotropic Conductive Film) for IC Chip Connections

AC Series

About the product

Resonac’s ACF for IC chips easily connects display panels and fine-pitch terminals, including driver ICs, with thermo-compression bonding.

Resonac pioneered this film material that combines thermosetting resins and conductive particles to achieve both conductive and insulative properties.

Interconnection between LCD and driver IC

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  • Reduces process costs with low-temperature, short-time thermo-compression bonding.
  • Capable of packaging low heat-resistant components that cannot be soldered.
  • Highly adhesive to reliably connect various types of display panels and substrates.


Item Unit AC-8000 series
Application IC chip
Fine pitch capability Minimum contact area μm2 600
Minimum space μm 10
Temperature ºC 140~
Time sec 5~
Pressure MPa 40~*
  • * Per total electrode area

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