White Epoxy Molding Compound for LED Reflector

CEL-W Series

About the product

Resonac’s White Epoxy Molding Compound has been adopted to LED package reflectors of major LED makers.

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  • Contributes to brighter LED packages with high reflectance.
  • Retains reflectance by higher resistance against heat- or UV-induced color change compared with thermoplastic resin.
  • Contributes to greater reliability of LED packages with strong adhesion to Ag plating and silicone resin.

CEL-W Series

After transfer molding

After Dicing

After chip mounting


Items Unit CEL-W-7005 Thermoplastics
Reflectance Initial % 93 93
150ºC, 1000h % 70 40
After reflow(260ºC, 5cycle) % 86 71
Adhesion Ag plating MPa 10 -
Copper MPa 12 -

Reflow Resistance(260ºC)

Heat Resistance(150ºC)

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