Dicing Tape

HAE Series

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Resonac’s non-UV-type adhesive tape has been used to secure parts during the dicing process of manufacturing semiconductors, electronic devices and optical components.
The product has been used for over 40 years in various applications, including the processing of silicon, ceramics and chip LEDs.

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  • Using non-UV-type adhesive, UV irradiation is not required during processing.
  • Fits various chip sizes with widely ranging grades of adhesive strength.
  • With good expansion, exhibits high pick-up performance even with small chips.
  • RoHS-compliant products are also available for proposal. (HAE-1700 Series (under development))


Item Unit HAE-1503 HAE-1504 HAE-1506
Features - • Non-UV type 
• Good expansion
Structure (sectional diagram) - HAE-1503 HAE-1504 HAE-1506
Standard adhesion nominal value N/25 mm 0.49 0.78 2.45
Size Thickness of base film μm 80
Width mm ~400
Length m 100
Base film Material - PVC
Color - Blue
Separator material - Paper type (Silicone coating)
Examples of applicable chip sizes - Large ⇔ Small
  • Standard adhesion indicates measured values using a stainless adherend with a peeling angle of 90 degrees, peeling speed of 200 mm/minute, temperature of 23℃, and relative humidity of 50%.
  • Please consult us about your size requirements (width, length).

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