Heat-resistant, Insulating Coating Material

HIMAL Series

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Resonac’s coating material increases adhesion between the surface of semiconductor chips or lead frames and epoxy molding compounds. Contributing to higher reliability of power modules, including automotive models, with its excellent thermal resistance and insulation capability, the product has been marketed for over 30 years.

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Application examples: Formation of insulation layers, prevention of epoxy molding compounds delamination

  • Junction coating for semiconductor devices and power devices.
  • Protective layer for semiconductor devices.
  • Increases adhesion between the epoxy molding compounds and the substrate, and prevents delamination.
  • Restricts electricity leakage by forming an insulation layer in semiconductor devices.


  • Demonstrates high capacity in package reliability tests, power cycle tests, thermal cycle tests, and high-temperature resistance tests.
  • Restricts delamination by increasing adhesion to SiC power devices containing sintered metal materials or high-Tg epoxy molding compounds.
  • HL-1270 series with high Tg withstands temperatures as high as 200℃.
  • Restricts cracking from stress concentration with a low elastic modulus and high adhesion.
  • Prevents bond wire lift-off.


Examples of measured values

Item Unit HL-1210N HL-1270N HP-1000
Features - •Standard type
•High heat resistance, high adhesion
•High insulation
•High Tg type
•No softening at reflow temperatures
•Strong adhesion at high temperatures
•High viscosity
•Maintains the coating form
•Forms a thick insulation layer
Coating method - •Spin coating
•Dip coating
•Spray coating
•Spin coating
•Dip coating
•Spray coating
•Screen printing
Liquid properties Solid content concentration % 12 12-14 22
Viscosity Pa∙s 0.2 0.2 120
Film properties Glass transition temperature ºC 220 336 210
Decomposition temperature ºC 410 376 410
Linear expansion coefficient (α1) ppm/ºC 65 63 55
Storage elastic modulus GPa 2.9 3.3 2.8
Breakdown voltage V/µm 250~400 300 230



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