Liquid Encapsulant for Flip Chip Package Underfill

CEL-C Series

About the product

Resonac’s liquid encapsulant fills the gap between chip and substrate and protects solder bumps and substrates of Flip Chip Package.
The product enjoys a large market share worldwide.

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  • Excellent moisture resistance and electrical insulation.
  • Excellent reliability with high adhesion between various devices and substrates.
  • Excellent flow-ability for narrow gap.
  • Control substrate warpage with a low elastic modulus and expansion rate.


Product name CEL-C-3900 Series CEL-C-3730 Series
Applications COF (Underfill) FC-BGA (Underfill)
Features Non-filler material with high impregnating ability and high migration resistance.

Excellent solder-reflow resistance and heat cycle resistance with high moisture-resistant adhesion and a thermal expansion coefficient matching that of solder bumps.

Curing condition 120℃/15 min+
150℃/1 h
150℃/2 h or
165℃/2 h

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