Die Bonding Paste


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Resonac’s solvent-free die bonding paste (conductive and non-conductive types) bonds chips to leadframes and organic substrates when manufacturing semiconductor packages.
Resonac offers a wide-ranging lineup with its die bonding paste holding a large global market share.

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  • Low elastic modulus and high adhesive strength realizes greater reliability even for MSL1
  • Suitable for package on leadframes and organic substrates
  • Low-cost type using both aluminum and silver filler is also available
  • High thermal conductivity (17W/m-K) type effective for power devices and modules is lined up


Item Unit EN-4900GC EN-4900F EN-4900LR EN-4950 EN-4900SLA-2 EN-4900LC-18 EN-4900GCN3 Testing conditions, etc.
Features Standard high reliability, supporting many L/Fs and PKGs Low elasticity, low stress, applicable to large chips For gold-plated chips, PPF, excellent electrical properties High thermal conductivity, excellent electrical properties Low silver content Combining silver and aluminum fillers Applicable to insulative types, BGA, etc.
Resin type Acrylic & epoxy Acrylic Acrylic Acrylic Acrylic & epoxy Acrylic & epoxy Acrylic & epoxy
Viscosity 0.5rpm Pa∙s 60 84 73 94 60 51 110 Type E viscometer
3°cone rotor, 25℃
5.0rpm Pa∙s 12 19 13 24 12 15.5 26.4
Die shear strength 250ºC MPa 4.8 5 6.1 5.2(*1) 5.2(*1) 5.7(*1) 3.4(200℃)
2x2 mm chip silver SPOT plated lead frame (*1: copper frame)
180℃/1 h curing (oven)
(*2: 150℃/1 h curing (oven))
Viscoelasticity (DMA) MPa


1,030 8,830 5,810 2,360 4,750 1,420 DMA,
180℃/1 h curing
Thermal conductivity W / m∙K 2 3 4 17 1 2 <1 Laser flash method


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