Photosensitive Insulation Materials for Redistribution Layers

AH/AR Series

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Resonac’s photosensitive resin materials are designed to form the insulation parts of redistribution layers (RDL) in semiconductor packages.


AH closs section
AH Series

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  • Positive photosensitive insulation materials responding to TMAH development.
  • Superior resolution that enables the formation of finer, excellent shaped vias and L/S patterns (via = 2 µm).
  • Responds to forming multilayer wiring with superior film thickness uniformity, low warpage, and low-temperature curing.
  • Environmentally friendly and safe with no NMP.


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Items Unit AR-5100 Series
Applicable film thickness µm 2~15
Exposure dose* mJ/cm2 380
Cure temperature ºC 230
Glass transition temperature ºC 253
Young's modulus GPa 2.4
Elongation % 60
Coefficient of thermal expansion ppm/ºC 49
Residual stress MPa 18
  • 10 µm film thickness after cure

Cross Section of the AH Series after Curing

Cross Section of AH Series after Curing

2 µm via @10 µmt

Cross Section of AH Series after Curing

30 µm lens @15 µmt

Application Example of the AH Series for Redistribution Insulation Layers on WL-CSP

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