Product Lineup and Specifications

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The major application area of CIM monolith

  • Biological nanoparticles like virus, VLP, phage and exosome
  • Peptides, proteins and their modifiers
  • Antibodies (IgG and IgM)
  • Nucleotides (from oligo to plasmid DNA)
  • Bioproducts which contains above as impurities

Products line-up and specification

CIMmultus monolithic column

  • A user-friendly and high-performance pre-packed column filled with high-speed “CIM Monolith” purification media in the advanced disposable polymer housing.
  • Available in a wide range of functional group types that are familiar in biotechnology field such as anion/cation exchange and hydrophobic interaction.
  • In combination with various size options, size from 1 mL to 8000 mL and excellent scale reproducibility of CIM, CIMmultus covers throughout the process from small laboratory preparation to full-scale bioproduction process.

CIMac analytical monolith

  • A downsized column optimized for an HPLC analysis while keeping the characteristic high speed of CIM. Unprecedented low-pressure and high-speed analysis provides new values for PAT (process analytical technology) of biomacromolecules.
  • Not only ion exchange and hydrophobic types that are widely used for bioanalysis, but also available in specifically designed types such as AAV full/empty separation or plasmid conformation analysis.

<CIMac Lineup>

Ion exchange Anion exchange: QA, DEAE, EDA
Cation exchange: SO3
Hydrophobic interaction OH (weak), C4A (middle: low density butyl) , C4HLD (strong: high density butyl)
Reverse  Phase SDVB (mRNA / dsRNA analysis)
Multimodal PrimaS (AEX + hydrogen bonding)
Special use AAV full/empty (AAV analysis)
pDNA (plasmid conformation analysis)
Oligo dT (mRNA analysis)
r-Protein A,  r-Protein G (IgG analysis)

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