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CIMmultus takes you to the next stage in biopurification.

  • From preliminary studies to process development or GMP manufacturing. "CIMmultus" of BIAseparations is a high-speed chromatography media specially designed for biomacromorecules, which has the potential to change the image of traditional "slow, complicated and troublesome" biochromatography in every stage of research, development and manufacturing.
  • The unique, high-strength porous monolithic polymer resin "CIM monolith" prepacked inside the versatile disposable plastic housing allows you to achieve;
    • High throughput purification in high flowrate with low backpressure.
    • Easy handling.
    • Excellent resolution and scale reproducibility.
    • Support for a broad range of flowrate.

High Flowrate and High Throughput

CIM(Convective Interaction Media)technology allows natural-diffusion independent interaction by eliminating the mesopores (small pores) from the resin surface, which has been the bottleneck in efficiency of chromatography. Large diameter flow channels (averaging 2 micrometers) and unique radial flow structure minimizes the pressure drop and enables an extremely high flowrate running, with a maximum flowrate of 16 CV/min*.The efficiency of not just research and development, but also of downstream manufacturing processes, can be significantly enhanced by the never-before-experienced levels of high throughput separation.

(* In 1 mL type. Please refer to "Line-up and Specification" page in detail for each size product.)

Simple, Versatile and Compact

  • CIMmultus is a ready-to-go prepacked media, which you can simply install to your chromatography instrument. Fittings are compatible to all popular types of instrumentation.
  • Specially designed polymer housing provides the versatility for both repeated use by CIP and one-time use in varying development stages.
  • High performance in a small body. Specially designed column mount (with casters with lock in 8,000 mL type) is attached for columns over 800 mL, with consideration of usability in actual manufacturing sites.

Scale Reproducibility

  • CIMmultus free you from complicated management of linear velocity and residence time, which has been the barrier in scaling-up. In diffusion-independent CIM media, what you need only to do is to simply increase the column volume according to your target production size, and accordingly, the efficient throughput and resolution can be easily carried over. Once you have started the R&D with CIMmultus, you will no longer face any barriers in scale-up.
  • Media volumes of 1 to 8000 mL are lined up, which supports your work from lab preparation to mass production.

Excellent Resolution

Even under high flowrates, excellent separation performance and resolution can be achieved. Repeatability is also good due to its nature of pre-packed and high-strength monolithic media.

Safety, Validation & Quality Control

  • All the CIMmultus columns are designed, developed and manufactured under the ISO 9001 Quality Management Compliance system. Supporting documents for pharmaceutical GMP manufacturing are available (8 - 8,000 mL).
  • Monolithic resin is made of methacrylate-based polymer, and the surface inside the housing is coated by Parylene C, an approved material in USP Class VI. In the design of the columns, Alkaline CIP, leachables and being bio-inert have been fully considered.

CIMmultus Lineup and Specifications

Product description

Functional groups Ion exchange Anion exchange: QA, DEAE, EDA
Cation exchange: SO3
Hydrophobic interaction OH (weak), C4A (middle: low density butyl), C4HLD (strong: high density butyl)
Reverse phase SDVB (for mRNA / dsRNA separation)
Hydrogen bonding H-bond ADC
Multimodal PrimaS (AEX + hydrogen bonding)
Special use Oligo dT (for mRNA purification) EV (for extracellular vesicles like exosome)
Average channel size 2 μm: Best for entry. Standard type with versatility.
1.3 μm: For simple and smaller targets such as recombinant proteins.
6 μm: Specifically targeting larger virus particles (baculovirus, vaccinia, etc.).
GMP support Supporting documents available for over 8 mL products (Please contact for details).

Physical properties (Listed by size : for all functional group types)

Product Bed volume
Recommended maximum flowrate Maximum operating pressure
multus 1 1

16 mL/min
(16 CV/min)

1.8 10-32
multus 8 8

100 mL/min
(12 CV/min)

2 10-32
multus 80 80

400 mL/min
(5 CV/min)

2 TC25 connector (25 mm)
multus 800 800

1600 mL/min
(2 CV/min)

1.4 TC25 connector (25 mm)
multus 8000 8000

8000 mL/min
(1 CV/min)

0.7 TC25 connector (25 mm)

* 4 mL series (4 to 4000 mL) are also available. Please contact via Inquiry Form about availabilities of size, functional group types and channel size combinations.

Inquiry of this product