Precision 3DP using UV curable monomers

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Target Applications3D printing

Resonac is one of only four companies in the world who manufactures DCPD (dicyclopentadienyl) monomers. These monomers have numbers of unique features inherent to the chemical structure itself.

Innovative Solution

Low cure shrinkage monomers improve dimensional accuracy of 3D printed objects

"FANCRYL" <500 series> Series developed by Resonac has a bulky DCPD structure that it contributes to low cure shrinkage when added to 3D print resin formulations. These products improve the dimensional accuracy of 3D printed objects with fine, complicated shapes.

Less oxygen sensitive monomers improve the yield rate of 3D print objects

"FANCRYL" <500 series> Series is not affected by oxygen inhibition compared to other monofunctional aliphatic monomers. These products reduce the scrap rate caused by insufficient cure.

Product Features

Chemical Structure

"FANCRYL" <500 series> Series is monofunctional (meth) acrylate with a bulky DCPD structure.

DCPD acrylates

FA-511AS FA-512AS FA-513AS

DCPD methacrylates

FA-512MT FA-513M

Piperidinyl methacrylate


Less Sensitivity to oxygen

The "FANCRYL" <500 series> shows less oxygen sensitivity compared to other monofunctional cycloaliphatic monomers.



UV irradiance level until tack-free [mJ/cm2]

In the absence of O2 (under N2)

In the presence of O2 (under air)

FA-511AS 120 120
FA-512AS 180 240
FA-513AS 120 180
Isobornyl-A 240 >600
Cyclohexyl-A 240 >900
  • [Test methods]
    Test bar: PET film
    UV lamp: High pressure Hg Vapor lamp 80W/cm2
    Irradiation distance: 18cm
    Conveyor speed: 20m/min
    Composition: monomer 97wt%, photo initiator 3wt%
  • "FANCRYL" is a registered trademark of Resonac Corporation in Japan.

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