Caustic soda

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This is a typical type of alkali. This is a well-known chemical that is first seen in elementary school level science, but it has properties that break down protein, and if it gets in the eyes, it can cause loss of eyesight. If absorbed through the skin or inhaled, it will permeate deeply and destroy tissue, so always wear protective equipment (goggles, gloves, boots, etc.). When diluted with water, it will cause extremely high temperatures, and requires caution for this as well. (Especially when it is a solid caustic soda, it will become very high in temperature.)
We only handle this chemical in liquid form (water solution), and provide it in 48% dilutions for massive transport, and 25% dilutions which are easy to handle. It is widely used as an alkaline, but it is a deleterious substance with a high corrosiveness. Read the “material safety data sheet” well, and take great care in its handling.

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Industrial 48% dilution product, 25% product


Compliant to JSIA (Japan Soda Industry Association) Standard (There is also a food additive standard. Please ask for details.)


Waste water processing, neutralization, pH adjustment, pure water device (ion exchange resin) regeneration, degreasing, cleaning, pharmaceuticals, chemical manufacturing raw material, soap raw material, exhaust gas absorbent, etc.

Associated Information


Viscous transparent liquid. Strong alkaline and corrosiveness.

Cautions for storage

Store in a resin (anti corrosive) or steel tank.


Trailer (18t), tanker truck (10t)

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