Liquid chlorine

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An anhydrous liquefied high pressure gas that is very effective for oxidation, bleaching, and sterilization. For usage, follow related regulations, read the “material safety data sheet” well, and take great care in its handling.

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Guaranteed concentration: 99.5V% or more


Raw material for organic chloride compounds such as vinyl chloride and chloride solvents and inorganic chloride compounds. Used for bleaching of paper, pulp, or fiber, and sterilization of waterways/sewages. Manufacture of perfumes, medical and agricaltural chemicals. Refining of minerals, metal recovery, and removal of iron from clay.

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A dark yellow oily fluid in a high pressure gas container. When released in the atmosphere, it will gasify and will expand to a volume of approximately 500x.

Cautions for storage

Follow related regulations, and store in a high pressure gas container.


Tank car (25t), tanker truck (9t, 10t, 12t), gas tank (1t)

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