Sodium Hypochlorite

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It is a liquid fixed to alkalinity by using chlorine that is a high-pressure gas easily. Never mix with any acid because doing so will cause chlorine gas. This product itself is not poisonous or deleterious, but is dangerous if mixed with toilet-bowl cleaner, inorganic coagulant (aluminum sulfate, PAC, salt iron), etc. Read the "Material Safety Data Sheet" well. Highly corrosive and causes rust on metals other than titanium.
Sodium hypochlorite is a colorless transparent liquid. It has a strong odor of chlorine, and is extremely unstable to heat and light and loses available chlorine gradually if left unattended. It is unstable if concentration is 6% or over, and changes to sodium chlorate if heated. Characteristics of low-salt type are less decomposition and less salt crystal precipitation during use than general products.

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We provide 4 types of this product series: S1, S2.5, S4, and general. Use it according to your purpose and usage ranging from use for water system, drinks, and food, to industrial use.


Available chlorine 12% or more (before shipment)


Disinfection (drinking water, vegetables, fruits, swimming pool, dairy/milk products, and instruments), sterilization (infectious disease prevention, preservation of freshness of fish and shellfish), deodorization, mildew proofing, oxidization, bleaching, industrial waste and sewage treatment, and plating waste (cyanogen) treatment

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Yellow water solution with an odor like a swimming pool.

Cautions for storage

Store in a cool, dark and light-shielded location. Use containers made of resin (corrosion-resistant) or titanium.  Cannot be stored for a long time due to its characteristic of deterioration with age (decomposition of active ingredients).  Decomposes into salt, chloric acid, and gas (oxygen).


Tanker truck (12t, 10t, 4t, 2t)For use in smaller sizes such as polybottles, please contact us.

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