About the product

VGCF-H (Vapor Grown Carbon Fiber) is a carbon fiber additive synthesized using a chemical vapor deposition method. Our product promotes the movement of lithium ions by using our conductive additive in a cathode and an anode for lithium-ion secondary batteries (LIB), creating a long-distance conductive path within the electrode.
In addition, compared to the other conductive additives, this unique material can tolerate high temperatures and prevent battery deterioration due to a smaller specific surface area.
We have 20 years of proven performance records with high quality and product stability. VGCF-H is a unique material that can improve both input/output characteristics and battery life.

Representative characteristics

Items Value Unit
Fiber diameter 150 nm
Fiber length 4 um
Specific surface area  15 m2/g
Bulk density 0.080 g/cm3
Electric resistance 0.017 Ω・cm
(002)SpacingC0 0.678 nm
Water contents 0.05 %
Carbon contents >99.99 %

The above data is representative values only, not guaranteed values.

Other Mame of Product

Vapor Grown Carbon Fiber





3kg bag

Main Application

Conductive additive for batteries, etc.


*“VGCF” is a registered trademark of Resonac Corporation in Japan, People’s Republic of China, Taiwan, Republic of Korea, United States of America.

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Inquiry of this product