Pressure-Sensitive Type for TV, computer, smartphone (Polyolefin foam) housing

About the product

The double-coated adhesive tape consists of pressure-sensitive adhesives layers with good bonding strength, and the polyolefin-type flexible foam supporter. This tape realizes superb bonding strength on smooth and slightly rough surfaces by finger pressure. It is suitable for various application including construction materials fixture, electronic appliance parts, round plaque.

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Main Applications

  • Curved bonding plaque, decorative bonding
  • Bonding construction materials, rolling-stock, automotive interior, electrical meters
  • Bonding and fixing various home applications


  • Excellent in bonding to various materials including polyolefin
  • Superior resistance to stress, and strong retention strength
  • By utilizing flexible foam as a supporting substrate, it performs well on rough surfaces
  • Good adhesion and cohesion properties contribute to water-resistant feature


Item Unit 14-400-5 14-400-10
Form - Roll type (milky-white tape)
Ingredient - Synthetic rubber,
Polyolefin foam supporter
Thickness µm Approx. 450 Approx. 1,100


Item 14-400-5 14-400-10
Separator Approx. 130µm Approx. 130µm
Adhesive layer Approx. 450µm Approx. 1,100µm
Polyolefin foam supporter
Adhesive layer

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