Pressure-Sensitive Type for Housing of TV, computer, smartphone

About the product

The adhesive tape works in a wide range of applications including automotive interior, office equipment, construction materials, name plate.

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Detailed Applications

  • Bonding for name plate, signage, binding jig and other parts
  • Bonding for interior parts of automotive, rolling stock, aerospace
  • Bonding for reinforcement parts in furniture, office equipment


  • The tape uses a thick and soft supporting substrate to bond well on rough surfaces
  • By applying over 100µm thick and strong adhesive layers on the supporter, this product realizes more than double peel strength compared to conventional double-coated tape
  • The product can provide a certain level of bonding strength on materials that cannot be crimped sufficiently
  • High strength against peeling stress results in excellent use for material fixture application


Item Unit 12-541
Form - Roll type (Semi-transparent tape)
Ingredient - Acrylate Copolymer
Thickness µm Approx. 320


Item Thickness
Separator Approx. 130µm
Adhesive layer Approx. 320µm
Special tissue supporter
Adhesive layer

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