Pressure-Sensitive Type for TV/computer components fixture

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The double-coated adhesive tape in black is excellent in adhesion to various substrates including name plate, foam, etc. This tape works well especially on PP molded materials compared to conventional ones.

for TV

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  • Black color provides high opacity
  • Excellent in adhesion to various plastic materials including PP
  • Superior characteristics in shear strength and heat resistance
  • Highly reliable when bonding curved plastic-molded materials with repulsion- resistant property
  • Suitable to punch process


Item Unit 11-583B
Form - Roll type
Ingredient - Acrylate Copolymer
Thickness µm Approx. 140


Item Thickness
Separator Approx. 130µm
Adhesive layer Approx. 140µm
Tissue supporter
Adhesive layer

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