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VISCOMATE is the water-soluble polymer and used for the pharmaceutical excipients(for external use) and industrial thicken.Particularly neutralized polyacrylate(acrylic acid / sodium acrylate copolymer) created by original technique developed by SHOWA DENKO K.K..with unique technologies.This particularly neutralized polyacrylate(NP grade) is mainly used as a raw material for poultice or cooling sheet.NP-grade is already registered to US- DMF and got the Chinese Import Drug Liscence(IDL). We limit the administration route only for general external and membrane as the application of medical use.(Not sold for food additives and feed additives.)

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Partially neutralized polyacrylate( NP grade :Powder)

  1. i) NP-800
    *Like following structural formula, the copolymerization ratios of acrylic acid are 65 mole percents and a grade with the highest acidity.Since degree of acidity is high, it is effective to blend to raise adhesive, when adding for poultice, or a medicine stable in acidic region.
  2. ii) NP-700
    *Like following structural formula, degree of neutralization is 50 mole percents and this grade is extremely widely used.
  3. iii) NP-600
    *Like following structural formula, the degree of neutralization is 70 mole percents and high grades.Since pH of aqueous solution(0.2wt%) is 7.0-7.4, in case it uses it for a poultice, it is effective of a stable medicine at an alkalis.

*NP-grade registration information
Drug Master File(US-DMF) : Registration Number 22803 ( Type Ⅳ)
Import Drug Liscence(IDL-China) : F200080035
REACH: Registered

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NP-grade:White powder

Cautions for storage

NP-grade:Store in a dry and tightly sealed container


NP-grade:20kg paper bag

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Related regulations

NP-grade:The Japanese Pharmaceutical Excipients(JPE)

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