Karenz™ MOI

About the product

A functional monomer characterized by the feature that in the same molecule it has a polymerized methacrylate group and an isocyanate group that is reactive to various active hydrogen compounds. Flexible molecular design is possible. For example, polymers (oligomers) with isocyanate groups can be synthesized by polymerizing double bonds first, or, contrarily, polymers (oligomers) with double bonds can be synthesized by reacting isocyanate groups first. Karenz MOI can be used for various purposes, including paints, coating base materials, and photosensitive resin base materials.

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Associated Information


Clear,colorless or slightly yellowish liquid

Cautions for storage

Store in a cool and dark location. Avoid contact with water, heat, strong base compounds, active hydrogen compounds (alcohol, amine, etc.).


Chemical Drum:1kg、20kg

Publication number in Japanese official gazette


CAS Reg#


Related regulations

Law and regulations applicable in Japan: ・Fire Service Law :Hazardous material, Group 4, Petroleum Category Ⅲ ・Ship Safety Law :Toxic material, Attached Table 4

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