Karenz™ MOI-BP

About the product

A block type of isocyanate monomer "Karenz MOI"(the isocyanate of Karenz MOI is blocked with pyrazole). Under normal conditions, blocking of the isocyanate group gives good stability even in the presence of active hydrogen. Heat treatment can de-block the isocyanate group, regenerating an active isocyanate. This can be applied to one component type/emulsion type polyurethane coating, or water soluble resin.

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Colorless or slightly yellowish transparent fluid

Cautions for storage

Store in a cool and dark location at 25°C or less. Avoid using an iron container. Follow the stipulations of the Fire Service Law and other laws.


Chemical drum

Publication number in Japanese official gazette


CAS Reg#


Related regulations

Fire Service Law :Hazardous material, Group 4, Petroleum Category Ⅲ

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