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Developed to meet the high demand for “curl & color" while maintaining the healthiest of hair.

Recent trends point to perms and coloring treatments that are light,natural-looking,and "'healthy". Current coloring techniques can damage hair with the cuticle swelling associated with alkaline processing treatments,Alkaline treatments are also known for having strong chemical odors and can cause color to quickly fade. To resolve these issue Showa Denko has developed,"SPIERA",a perming and straightening agent of mild acidity and superior performance.

SPIERA promises high volume curls with less damage.
Discover the infinite possibilities of beauty for your hair.

Future of SPIERA

An alternative to the limp curls of existing perming agents,SPIERA provides high volume curls with minimal damage!

Feature 1. Less damage to hair.
A mildly acidic formula that is excellent for damaged hair.

The hair cuticle is made up of moisture repelling properties on the outside and moisture attracting properties on the inside. SPIERA™ ‘s perming solution contains a compound that has both of these features, making it ideal in the formation of concave curls. Being mildly acidic in formulation, SPIERA™ is also desirable in the use of treating damaged hair that is too fragi1e for alkaline treatments.

Feature 2. Long-lasting high volume curls.
Easy to style,long-lasting curls.

SPIERA™’s strong perming action differs from existing mild, a cid-based perming solutions. Only 2% product concentration in acidic conditions is needed to obtain all variety of curls

Feature 3. Excellent texture.
Hair that feels like it hasn't been touched by chemical processes.

SPIERA™ leaves hair feeling like it has been untouched by chemical treatments. Even previously damaged hair can return to si1ky smoothness after a treatment using SPIERA™, with less chemical odor.

Feature 4. Compatible with hair coloring solution.
Perming and Coloring is possible at the same time without loss of color.

Hair already damaged by coloring treatments can undergo SPIERA™’s strong perming action while receiving new color treatments. Colors will not run.

SPIERA is trade mark of ShowaDenko K.K.

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Colorless to pale yellow loquid


1kg:Plastic bottle, 10kg:plastic container

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