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TPNa is…

Excellent trans dermal absorption,water-soluble Vitamin E derivative.

Vitamin E(α-tocopherol) is one of the most important vitamins for cosmetics,and it protects skin from oxidative attack of radicals and peroxide. Unfortunately,Vitamin E is not easy to formulate into aqueous solutions because of its oil character,furthermore it easily oxidizes and quickly loses its reductive activity.
TPNa,on the contrary,has been designed in order to overcome those problems,and introduced a phosphoryl group to protect its oxygen-sensitive hydroxyl group in tocopherol.
TPNa is the only Vitamin E derivative substantially soluble in water (amphiphilic character) available worldwide.
TPNa is registerd an active ingredient for Quasi Drug in Japan for the prevention and cure of rough dry skin and Quasi Drag Additive for anti-oxidant.

T1. Significant increase of skin moisturization

Enhancement on ceramides synthesis in the skin.

>TPNa is unique and typical for increasing the cuticle moisture content with in a short period, where we found a significant enhancement on the expression of serine palmitoyltransferase closely related to ceramide synthesis. It clearly shows its moisturizing effect on the skin.

2. Active ingredient for Quasi Drug in Japan

Anti-inflammation effect releases your skin from troubles.

Acne and Erythema are usually generated by skin inflammation and stresses, which TPNa can easily erase thanks to its anti-inflammatory effect. TPNa moisturizing effect also improves these troubles significantly. TPNa has a strong anti-inflammatory effect and a radicals-scavenging effect, which prevents and cures acnes and erythema. Applied on a skin portion rich in sebaceous gland, you can easily noticed the significant decrease of skin troubles coming from lipid-oxidations and inflammations.

3. Anti-oxidation and Anti-aging effect

Skin protection against UV damage

ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species) caused by UV irradiation are harmful to our skin and make significant damage on collagens and dermis strain. TPNa is an excellent active for scavenging and eliminating ROS, which helps you to keep the freshness and youth of the skin.

Bennefit by TPNa™ is …

Active Ingredient for Quasi Drug in Japan:
Prevents and cures rough dry skin.
TPNa can also be used as a Quasi Drug Additive for anti-oxidant application

Suitable for any applications: Applicable for water-based formulations

Extraordinary transdermal absorption : Quick conversion to Vitamin E into the skin.

High Vitamin E content in formulation : Excellent and strong efficacy on skin troubles.

Function as an emulsifier : Avoids the use of conventional surfactants and detergents in the formulations

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Cautions for storage

Avoid direct sunlight and store in a well-ventilated, dry, cool and dark place after sealing the container closely. Do not store in a place close to heat sources, including a boiler, or combustibles. Do not store in a place where an alkaline material, oxidizer, or organic peroxide is stored.


5Kg carton box

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