Low-melting Glass for Low-temperature Hermetic Sealing

VS series

Major Application

Hermetic sealing and adhesives

About the product


VS series is a low-melting glass for low-temperature hermetic sealing and adhesives, performs better moisture resistance compared to resin adhesives for contribution to reliability enhancement.

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  • Low-temperature hermetic sealing under the air, inactive gas, vacuum
  • Not containing Lead and Halogen for environmental impact reduction
  • Good adhesion with glass, ceramic, and metal
  • Good moisture-resistance
  • Low electrical insulation(Semiconductor)


Low-temperature hermetic sealing and adhesives for vacuumed insulation glass and electronic devices.


Item Unit VS-1305B VS-1298M
Paste properties Color - Brown Black
Solid content 81~85 81~85
Viscosity Pa・s 50~100 50~100
Typical Properties Sealing temp. 280~300 350~370
Tg 210 260
CTE ×10-7/℃ 75 75


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