Alkylphenol resin PR Series

About the product

Alkylphenol resin "PR Series" are alkylphenol based phenolic resins used in various applications such as additives for rubber and tires, modifiers or hardeners for insulating varnish and paints.

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Alkylphenol resin "PR Series" are excellent in dispersibility and kneadability to rubber. They also contain minimum amount of residual solvent which decrease the odor in the workplace and improve working environment. The reactive type used as a rubber crosslinking agent improves heat resistance and durability. The non-reactive type improves adhesion and kneadability when used as additives for rubber. It also improves chemical resistance and adhesion to metal when used as additives for paints or insulating varnish.

Application example

  • Various rubber products
  • Paints
  • Insulating varnish
Application example

Product lineup / Properties

Item Unit PR2500 PR1501 PR1140
Softening point 80~95 85~100 126~145
Methylol content 10~12 - -
Residual solvent <1.0 <1.0 <1.0
Resin type   Reactive type Non-reactive type Non-reactive type
Features Heat resistance Adhesion Heat resistance
Application example Rubber parts
(Bladder, sealing rubber)
Rubber parts
(weather strip, paint)
Insulating varnish, Paint
  • These figures are representative values.

Solution example

Used as crosslinking agents for rubber bladders and other rubber products to improve heat resistance and durability.

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