CeO2 based polishing materials SHOROX

About the product

SHOROX is CeO2 abrasive for glass polishing. This high quality SHOROX is developed by the long history of Tohoku Metal Chemical Co., Ltd. and the production, assessment, and management technologies of Resonac Corporation (Tohoku Metal Chemical Co., Ltd., a member of our group, industrially produced the first CeO2 abrasive in Japan.)   
SHOROX has various range of product kinds, to apply for glass substrates, optical glasses, hard disk glass plates, photomasks, and others.

Features and representative characteristics / Typical properties

Grade Particle size (μm) Summary/Features
AR 1.1-2.1 It can be used for a wide range of purposes as general abrasives. They can polish glass-substrate, hard disks, optical glass, photomasks, and others.
T 1.3-2.1 With its high purity of CeO2, it can achieves a superior polishing rate when polishing hard materials, such as optical glass, crystal, and quartz.
NZ 0.9-1.1 Used for purposes that requires finished surfaces with high precision. It is composed of fine and soft particles.
V,VZ ※0.2-0.3 Used for glass plates that requires finished surfaces with especially high precision, such as hard disks and photomasks. This grade features sharp and fine particle size distribution. These grades are provided in the slurry.

We have a wide variety of class to meet customers' demands.
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Assessment method

Particle size distribution : Electric resistance method
  * For V,VZ grade only ; Laser diffraction scattering method



※For V,VZ grade; 4kg plastic bottle, 240kg plastic drum


  • Note) These figures are representative values and are not guaranteed values.
  • Note) When using the product, refer to the "Safety Data Sheet (SDS)".
  • Note) This product is for industrial applications only.
  • * The grade exclusively for hard disk texturing is also available.

Inquiry of this product

Inquiry of this product