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Roundish alumina AS series is a single-grain corundum with less crystal edges. Indicates excellent characteristics for rubber and plastic filler and ceramic base material. Features as rubber and plastic filler are as follows:

  1. 1. High filling density: With its large particle diameter and broad particle size distribution, realizes high-density filling for rubber and plastic and produces compounds with low viscosity and good fluidity.
  2. 2. High thermal conductivity: High filling density enables production of compounds with higher thermal conductivity and higher heat dissipation rate compared to crystalline silica.
  3. 3. Low abrasivity: Due to its roundish shape, less-wearing of kneading machines, forming machines and dies.
  4. 4. High-purity: Due to extremely minute amount of ionic impurity such as sodium and chlorine, excellent in electrical characteristics and humidity resistance.



Main Applications

  1. 1. Filler for heat sink sheet, filler for heat dissipation board (MC board), heat dissipating grease, phase change sheet
  2. 2. Filler for semiconductor sealing resin
  3. 3. Silicone-based heat dissipating adhesive, filler for compound
  4. 4. Ceramic filter


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White powder

Cautions for storage

Avoid exposure to water.


25kg paper bag, 1T bag, etc.

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