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At the current Shiojiri office, Resonac started the first production in Japan for brown electrofused alumina in 1934, and white electrofused alumina in 1938. 70 years since, we have been using various high purity materials including alumina from our own Yokohama office, to develop and manufacture a variety of electrofused refractories, applying sophisticated fusion technology and pulverization/granulation technology gained from the manufacture of abrasive material.

Product grade/Characteristics/Application example

Product type Name Code Characteristics Particle size available * Chemical composition (wt%) Application example
electrofused alumina material White Morundum RW High purity electrofused alumina #220F
Al2O3 : 99.7
Na2O : 0.3
Shaped/castable refractories for metalworking and ceramic industry
WA JIS particle size,
low iron
JIS F8-F220 Al2O3 : 99.7
Na2O : 0.2
Special ceramics,
Special shaped/castable refractories
Bubble Morundum BW White hollow sphere 5mmF, 5-3mm, 3mmF Al2O3 : 99.0
SiO2 : 0.2
Na2O : 0.1
For high temperature flame proofing,
Shaped/castable refractories
electrofused mullite material Shomullite RM High purity electrofused mullite #8F, #8/10, #10/36,
#40F, #80F
Al2O3 : 76.8
SiO2 : 22.8
Fe2O3 : 0.05
Kiln furniture,
Shaped/castable refractories
electrofused spinel material Shospinel FAM High purity electrofused spinel 8-5mm, 5-3mm, 3-1mm,
1mmF, #100F
Al2O3 : 72.5
MgO : 26.0
Refractories for special refining
electrofused zirconia material Shozirconia RZ Stabilized zirconia #42/100, #100/200,
#200F, #280F, #325F,
ZrO2 : 95.5
Cao : 3.7
SiO2 : 0.2
Continuous casting submerged nozzle,
Porcelain for sintering electronic material (There are also Y2O3 stabilized products)

* Please contact us for the particle sizes available.

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