Hot Melt Adhesive for Paper bag’s sealing

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The hot melt adhesives are used for bag sealing.

for Cardboard box sealing

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Paper bag’s flap and bottom seals
(The bag’s flap is coated with the hot melt and can be bonded by reactivating.)


  • These solvent-free 100% solid adhesives are safe and environmentally-friendly
  • After melting the adhesive, bonding process can be completed by coating, pressing and cooling to solidification
  • Due to their faster solidification property, production process, automation can be further accelerated
  • They are excellent in heat resistance and can be activated by low heat. The polyamide type adhesive is excellent in heat resistance


Item Unit XH005-6 XH008-2
Appearance - Light yellow pellet White pellet
Viscosity mPa·s/180℃ 5,000 13,000
Softening Point 152 100
Packing kg 20
Description - Polyamide type with high heat resistance General use with low heat activation

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